The proposal of this project was to create a show from the warmth and intimacy of home, the place where the experiences that build and deconstruct us are gestated: fears, loves and heartbreaks, the desire for freedom ....  To create a physical and metaphorical space where the actors, musicians and dancers, being crossed by their muses and emotions, invite us to the intimacy of their soul and share it with us from their creations, with the language of Argentine dances and music. Translated with (free version)

This historical context in which we live made us aware of how important it is to transform ourselves in order to move forward. 

Without underestimating the benefits that virtual communication has provided us, allowing us to emulate the sensation of company, it has generated a barrier for the development of our arts in which contact and embrace are so necessary. In this need for contact that in this era is almost impossible, the artists gathered for this work we intend to evoke in the public, from love and solidarity, triggers of consciousness.

This first Show framed within a project called Bailar y Vivir I have entitled Sentires, and will introduce the public to the inner world of the artist, their processes of transformation and adaptation to new rules and modalities. From darkness to light, being humans with fears and frustrations that are molded with love to be able to transmit that which gives them life and gives life to the world: the dance, the word, the music, the performance. 

The goal is to make the viewer consciously enter into contact with the work: to be part of it. That the languages, styles and knowledge of each artist are generated and coexist, and from the transformation itself, perhaps, we can cross the virtuality to reach the other side of the screen to the viewer, somehow transforming their reality or routine, turning a moment of reality into emotion, beauty and message.


Cynthia Fattori

“Bailar para mi es una demostración de mis sentimientos, una disciplina de vida, una expresión de libertad y amor por mis raíces, mi país y mis convicciones».

My name is Cynthia Fattori, born in Argentina. Cynthia showed her talent since she was very young and started with folklore at the age of 6. I integrated the Ballet Brandsen as a professional dancer, but I never left my santiagueñas roots, for that I travel every summer to Santiago del Estero to train with the dancer Carlos Saavedra. At the same time I studied music at the Thibaud Piazzini Conservatory Conservatory from the age of 9 until I was 17 years old, concert guitar. Translated with (free version)
Together with the Ballet Brandsen he had the possibility as a dominant figure in numerous performances both in Argentina (with Mercedes Sosa, Horacio Guaraní, Mariano Mores and for one of the last tributes to Osvaldo Pugliese at the Teatro Colón) and in other Latin American countries (Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay and Mexico).
As a soloist in the Chacarera Festival in Santiago del Estero invited by the dancer Juan Saavedra (dancer and choreographer of numerous shows, including Le Cirque du Soleil), with whom she participated in performances at the Chacarera Festival in the province of Santiago del Estero.

At the age of 16 I started with tango and studied with the most renowned dancers and milongueros of the time. She complemented her folkloric training by learning tango with
con destacados profesores e intérpretes como Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Rosa, Vannina Vilouzs, Gustavo Naveira, Graciela González, Chicho y Lucía, y Tete. Su técnica ahora combina una mezcla de estilo tradicional «milonguero» con pasos y figuras modernas, preservando conservando los aspectos fundamentales del tango en cuanto a técnica (como el abrazo, el equilibrio y la fusión integrada de la pareja) y musicalidad (ritmos de diferentes orquestas e interpretación de instrumentos). Dictó varios seminarios en Buenos Aires en el Club Almagro, Galería del Tango y Torcuato Tasso. La Viruta.

From 2001 to 2004 he was based in New York, where he regularly gave folklore and tango workshops, and also traveled to other cities in the United States and Canada.
During this time he has performed with different professional dancers such as Diego di Falco, Junior Cervila, Roberto Reis, Pablo Veron, Omar Vega, El Tete, Pablo Pugliese...

I have been dancing and teaching tango for more than 20 years. In my classes I like to combine technique with different pedagogical and sensorial tools, to achieve a genuine and de-stereotyped expression, with the aim of achieving freedom of movement and full emotional surrender; facilitating perception, sensation and interpretation from a personal and self-knowledge point of view. I look for my students to affirm themselves in music and their own connection, and thanks to it, to discover their own dance and artistic independence.

Then a few years ago, in this continuous search as an artist and teacher, added to the desire to continue learning to better provide my knowledge to students, I began to study other artistic disciplines: theater, fabrics, percussion, boleadoras. Thanks to all my training, I was able to create my own shows.

During the last seven years CYTNHIA FATTORI & ERNESTO TERRI have extensively performed and taught Tango, Circus and Folklore in Europe and America. They have created and directed two shows with Bien de Rioba Producciones:

– «AMADOR» (Tango Circo Folklore) presentado en Argentina , teatro 25 de mayo y en la casa , en Europa , en Bruselas y en Italia, Rosso art tango festival .
– «MUDANÇAS» (Tango Música y acrobacia) presentado en el festival de tardes.
– «BUENOS BAILES» (AUDI) Tango urbano acrobático presentado en Alemania
– «BUENOS BAILES» (WOLSWAGEN) presentado en Alemania .

- Cynthia Fattori during the pandemic by the need to express created a work entitled "SENTIRES" from home expressing feelings through culture .. presented in Vancouver .. and in other cities around the world.

Gerardo Hochman

que es actor, acróbata y director. Formado en la Escuela Municipal de Arte Dramático y en la Escuela Argentina de Mimo, fue becado en la Escuela Nacional de Circo de Cuba. Integró del grupo de teatro independiente Caleidoscopio. Actor y co-adaptador de La comedia de las equivocaciones, La increíble historia de un tacaño y Cyrano, en el Teatro San Martín. En 1993 estrenó «Emociones simples», con su compañía La Trup, el primer espectáculo circense en una sala teatral. Con la misma compañía realizó más tarde «En la arena» y «En órbita». En 1994 inauguró La Arena, escuela de circo que funciona bajo su dirección en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Su espectáculo «Gala», estrenado en 1999 realizó una gira por España participando en varios festivales internacionales y obteniendo el premio especial del jurado en la Feria Europea de Teatro para niños Feten. Luego, en 2001 estrenó «Bellas Artes. Ganó el premio Konex 2011. Actualmente es el Director del área de Artes Circenses de la Universidad Nacional de San Martín, del Centro de Creación y Perfeccionamiento en Artes del Circo de la Comedia de la Provincia de Buenos Aires y del Centro de Artes Circenses y Urbanas de la Ciudad de Santa Fe.

Claudio Gonzalez

His scenic approach to tango dancing gives him an individual stamp when it comes to recognizing his unique work of high professional impact.

Teacher, choreographer and dancer of great scenic power, standing out for his different artistic performances. He has worked with different techniques: contemporary, classical, jazz, acting, trapeze.

His training with tango begins at home where his parents Pedro and Lili teach him to dance and take him to the milongas.

As a dancer he worked for the most prestigious companies: Milonga (Sidi Larbi), Tangokinesis (Ana Maria Stekelman), Forever Tango (Broadway), Tanguera, Otango, and created his own works: Tango Palace (artistic director), Episodios cifrados en tango and Tango elemento (creator and producer).

Jury of the tango world championships, where he specializes as a trainer and choreographer of the couples that represent our tango culture.

Julia Hiriart Urruty

He was and is part of the best companies, Milonga, Tango Pasion, Tango a Tierra, Tanguera, with which he toured large stages, The Bolshoi, Opera House, Champ Elysse, City Center, Sadlers Wells, among others. She received her university education at the UNA, obtaining the titles of. National Superior Professor of Classical and Contemporary Dances, Degree in Folklore, mention in Folkloric Dances and Tango. Her teachers: Mingo Pugliese, Leonardo Cuello.

I work in tango houses between 2001-2017 La Ventana, Gala Tango, Viejo Almacén, Taconeando, Piazzolla Tango, Señor Tango, Tango Porteño, Esquina Carlos Gardel, Madero Tango, until today with my partner Claudio González at Esquina Homero Manzi.

He participated in international companies and festivals such as Tango Emoción (2004-2007) Russia, China, France, Spain, Venezuela, Brazil, Uruguay, Interior of Argentina. Tango A Tierra (2008-2011) Russia, Ukraine, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Buenos Aires Teatro Borges. Jose Colagelo Company (2005) Spain. Tango Feeling Company (2009- 2011) Turkey, Poland. Compañía Tango Pasión (2007- 2011) Russia, France, Germany, England, Switzerland, Ireland, USA, Romania, Finland, Austria, Portugal, Turkey, etc. Fabio Hager Sextet (January-April 2012) Japan. 2014 to present Milonga (Sidi Larbi Cherkagui) France, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, USA, England etc with Claudio Gonzalez (performing in distinguished theaters, Opera House, Bolshoi, Sadlers Wells etc) Balada para mi Muerte. Astros Theater. Capital Federal (January - June 2015) with Claudio Gonzalez, Tango Fusion (Rimini Italy 2008 and 2009) FESTIVAL Tango Vivo (Cali Colombia 2010) FESTIVAL.Until now she works as a teacher with Claudio Gonzalez in the Escuela Argentina de Tango.

He also made choreographic assistances in Cinderella Tango Club (Teatro Maipo 2006) Starring: Eleonora Cassanno. 3rd place couple composed by Rocio Liendo and Juan Pablo Bullich Tango World Championship 2013 2nd place couple composed by Rocio Liendo and Juan Pablo Bullich Tango World Championship 2015 Couch with Claudio González to Hernan Piquin and Cecilia Figaredo in Bailando 2014 Tango genre.

Pancho Martinez Pey

He is a Tango Artist. Dancer, singer, teacher, choreographer and actor. He has participated in theatrical shows such as "Tanguera, el musical Argentino", "Tita... una vida en tiempo de Tango", "Solo Tango The Show", "Tango Connection", "Tango Bizarro", "Tango a mi manera", "Efecto Tango", "Tango Caño 14". He has participated in the Tango houses "Homero Manzi", "Esquina Carlos Gardel", "Sabor a Tango", "Michelangelo", "Casablanca", "Cafe Tortoni".

He participated in the film "Un Tango Más" about the life of María Nieves and Juan Carlos Copes directed by Germán Kral (2015) and in the film "Tango Fatal" as singer, actor and dancer, directed by Maximiliano Gomez and Carlos Copello (2006). He performed alongside Carlos Stasi in Carlos Gorostiza's play "El Acompañamiento" at Teatro El Cubo, CC Ricardo Rojas and Teatro-Bar El Juvenil. For 6 years, apart from his leading role, he worked as choreographic coach and dance captain of the musical "Tanguera", winner of the ACE Award 2002, with which he toured Europe, Asia and America. He was a member of the cast of "Tango Caño 14", winner of the Star of the Sea Award for Best Musical Show, Mar del Plata '98. Member of the "Grupo Danza Argentina" directed by Héctor Aricó, winning the Silver Medal at the International Festival of the Pyrenees, France '97.

He has danced in important theaters around the world such as the Chekhov Theater in Moscow, the StaatsOper in Berlin, the New York City Center and the Châtelet in Paris.

Since 2001 he has been singing at Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires, ASUKA Japanese Cruise, tours in Japan and in milongas in Buenos Aires, Sydney and Moscow. 

In theater he created his own show of Humor. "PAF! Humores de Tango" with Flavio Catuara and Ariel Perez presented with success at the Teatro Under Porteño and played the character "Tuco" in the play "El Acompañamiento" by Carlos Gorostiza.

He is one of the few dancers who masters Stage Tango and Salon Tango, which is why he has been summoned since the beginning of the Tango World Championship to be a judge in the finals of Stage Tango and Tango de Pista, as well as in the world sub-championships.

He has been partner of great dancers such as the Great Maria Nieves, Milena Plebs, Mora Godoy, Lorena Ermocida and has also worked with actress Nacha Guevara.

Moira Castellano

Born in Diamante (Entre Ríos). At the age of 5 she began her studies of classical and Spanish dances. In her adolescence she moved with her family to the city of Rosario where she finished her studies at the Escuela Municipal de Danzas de Rosario.

She graduated with a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario.

At the age of 21 he takes his first tango class in Rosario with Maestro Orlando Paiva. He arrives in Buenos Aires to train with the most prestigious teachers, such as Eduardo Arquimbao, Roberto Herrera and Vanina Bilous, Gabriel Angio and Natalia Games, Gustavo Naveira, Fabian Salas, and others.

She has lived in Paris since early 2000 where she is a performer with the company Quatre Arts, directed by Catherine Berbesou, fusing contemporary dance and tango, with the shows Valser, A fuego lento and Flor de Cactus, touring in the most prestigious contemporary dance festivals and stages such as the Teatre de la Ville in Paris. He also participates in the transmission and teaching of tango in France and other European cities. He toured with Juanito Juarez, with the electronic tango group ¨Gotan Project¨, in venues such as the Palau de la Musica (Barcelona), the Roundhouse and Shepherd Bush Empire (London). He is part of the company Union Tanguera, directed by Esteban Moreno and Claudia Codega, in the shows ¨Proyecto Tango ¨ and ¨Tango vivo¨, presented at the Biennale de la Danse de Lyon. He formed a tango couple with several renowned artists such as Pablo Inza with whom he participates in various shows, among which stands out the one created by them especially for an event at the Royal House of Queen Maxima in Amsterdam.

With Gaston Torelli, participating in festivals in USA, Asia and Europe. Co-creator of Misterio Tango Festival for 5 years that would be held in the city of Buenos Aires in February of each year with more than 50 artists on stage and in seminars.

Currently with his partner, the dancer and teacher Javier Rodriguez, they are touring the most important national and international festivals. Their experience, quality of dance and teaching create one of the most renowned and prestigious couples.

Eventually he also shares stages and classes with another reference in tango, Mariano Chicho Frumboli, with whom he is in an artistic search on tango and theater, opening spaces for new modes of expression. 

He has been on the tango dance scene for more than 25 years and is one of the world's leading tango dancers today.

Guillermo “Kuly” Gómez:

Dancer born in Santiago del Estero Currently working as a dancer and choreographer at the mythical Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires in the show "Sensaciones de Tango" since 2003.

In 1990 she began her artistic career with the great teacher and dancer Carlos Orlando Saavedra. For four years she trained in the field of Folkloric Dances, touring with her dance group to various festivals in the country. In 1994 he continued his artistic training with the master Juan Saavedra, with whom he toured national and international stages for a period of ten years with his dance group "Raza". In 2001 he began his professional career as a soloist dancer, touring the world and perfecting his skills in dance, drum and boleadoras with national and international companies. 

Worked in theatrical shows such as Atahualpa by Jairo - Teatro Avenida - 1997. International Book Fair with Jairo - Guadalajara - Mexico - 1997.  For Ever Tango - Tokyo - Japan - 2001.  For Ever Tango - San Francisco - United States - 2002.  Otero Dance Company - Los Angeles, San Diego - United States 2003/04/05/06.  Argentina Baila - Néstor Pastorive Company - Spain, Italy - 2009/12.  Walter Rios Company - Paris - France 2012. Chemalambo. - France, Germany, China, Switzerland, Canada and Monaco - 2007/2016.  Los Carabajal - Teatro Opera - 2007, Teatro IFT 2008, Cosquin 2009, Luna Park 2017.  Horacio Banegas - Cosquin and various stages of the country.  Jaime Torres.  Orellana Lucca.  Tango Porteño - Mora Godoy.

As a teacher from 2004 to 2008 - School of art and dance Carlos Copello (Dance, zapateo, boleadoras, bombo. He gave international Folklore Seminars in the United States, Germany 2012 - Zuhai - China 2016/2017 - Regular classes of folkloric dances at the CCK 2017 - Regular classes at the Manzana de Las Luces 2018/2019 - Folklore classes - Extension courses Faculty of Law - UBA.

Cesar Omar Silva

He was born in the city of La Banda, in Santiago del Estero, place where he naturally learned about our roots and our folklore. He began at the age of 5 years old, in the Direction of Culture of the City. Since he was 10 years old, he has participated in national dance competitions, winning the first places on several occasions.

As a professional dancer and dance teacher, he began at the age of 15 with teachers such as: Hugo Walter Abalos, Tucho Oroná, Roberto Zabalza, Carlos Saavedra; with them he toured stages all over the country. At that age she also gave classes, an activity that she continues today. He gave workshops of dance, zapateo, boleadoras and percussion in the provinces of Tucumán, Córdoba cv, Río Negro, Salta, Buenos Aires and Catamarca.

As a professional dancer and dance teacher, he began at the age of 15 with teachers such as: Hugo Walter Abalos, Tucho Oroná, Roberto Zabalza, Carlos Saavedra; with them he toured stages all over the country. At that age she also gave classes, an activity that she continues today. As a member of the group "RAZA", directed by Juan Saavedra, he participated in festivals in Santiago del Estero such as "El Festival de la Salamanca", "El Festival de la Chacarera"; on the main stage of Cosquín on several occasions; in the show "ATAHUALPA POR JAIRO" at the TEATRO AVENIDA in Buenos Aires; and on stages in Córdoba, Salta, Tucumán, Catamarca, Jujuy. During 2001 he was part of the show "FOREVER TANGO" directed by Luis Bravo, touring Japan and the U.S.A. He performed dance, zapateo, boleadoras and percussion in the provinces of Tucumán, Córdoba, Río Negro, Salta, Buenos Aires and Catamarca.

During 2000 with Michou Miguens he participated in shows in: England, France, Belgium, Spain, Holland. He also participated in international circus shows.

From 2003 to 2007 he was part of the company "PAMPAS GAUCHOS" directed by Andrés "el guaso" Sosa; presenting the show in Royal Caribbean cruises. In 2010 he was part of the show "Amador" by Cynthia Fattori and Ernesto Terri, an integral show with musicians, tango dancers, folklore, trapeze artists, jugglers, clowns, touring different festivals in Belgium and Italy.

During the Bicentennial celebrations, he participated in different works carried out in Santiago del Estero.

Desde 2004 con un grupo de amigos y profesionales compartimos el gusto de aprender, enseñar, y mostrar lo que sabemos hacer, somos “DANZA ASÍ”. Estamos siempre atentos a la vanguardia de la danza y en permanente evolución, reparando espectáculos para los escenarios conocidos y por conocer. Desde la compañía de baile “Danza Así” realizamos producciones independientes  como: «Malambo, el grito del origen» «Nativos e hijos del sol» «Yuyaychis, lo que nos hace libres» «Tiempo circular» «In/pulso» (producción compartida con la compañía Cuerpo sin código y Diane René Rodríguez ) «Independencia» «El camino con corazón» (obra que participó en la fiesta provincial de teatro de Santiago del Estero 2019).

Cristian Omar Silva

Se inició en la danza a los 5 años en la academia folclórica Huellas del Malambo del Profesor Omar Silva. Participó a lo largo de su infancia y adolescencia como bailarín en diferentes certámenes, eventos y festivales. En el año 2006 integró la Delegación Santiagueña en el Festival de Cosquín compartiendo escenario con las Sachas Guitarras Atamishqueñas. En el año 2007 obra Malambo, danza del hombre libre (Danza Así) y nuevamente en el Festival de Cosquín en el año 2008 con la Delegación Santiagueña junto a Horacio Banegas. También participo en el Espectáculo «Lo que se Viene” de Ultravioleta y Danza Así en el teatro 25 de Mayo. Ese año se inició su camino musical profesional como percusionista en la agrupación Pablo Carabajal y Sanavirones con el que recorre diferentes  escenarios nacionales y provinciales. También ha compartido escenario en el festejo del cumpleaños de su provincia Santiago del Estero con la compañía de Maximiliano Guerra y El Grupo Raza de Juan Saavedra. En el año 2009 formó parte de la compañía de Coqui y Pajarin Saavedra en la presentación de Cosquín. Como integrante de la Compañía de baile Danza Así formó parte de obras tales como: «Nativos e hijos del sol» «In-pulso» » tiempo circular» «independencia» «El camino con corazón» entre otras. A lo largo de su carrera musical y dancística sumó experiencia en escenarios de todo el país, y también internacionalmente con la Compañía Argentina de Gauchos “ Empresa First Art" and particularly as a soloist he toured Germany, France and Switzerland.

Parallel to his artistic career, he gives workshops and seminars, both group and individual, on dance and percussion. He is currently a member of the dance company "Danza Así", "El Toque" Percusión, the group "Pablo Carabajal y Sanavirones" and the group "Raza" directed by the renowned dancer and director Juan Saavedra.

Maria Flor Caminiti:

Born in Argentina, proud multiple mother of Amparo and Lorenzo and graduate of the Fine Arts Pridiliano Pueyrredón in the specialty "painting", owner of "Unasmiles Taller Textil", she has always been dedicated to the visual arts in its various expressions; photography, painting and clothing design. In love with photography, "playing pretty with a Canon in my hand", she dedicates her free time to photography. estampaunasmiles@gmail. @lacaminiti.

Sabrina Silva:

I am a tango dancer and teacher.
I have been teaching since 2006.
My journey began with classical dance, then tango, contemporary dance, acting and photography.
My artistic interests have developed in all the scenic areas: theater, cinema and television. I am currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in "Object Theater, Interactivity and New Media" at UNA.
I work in different teams in the area of production and communication in the company for
@tetiroredes and we develop projects for performing arts and together with digital communication tools nationally and internationally: Pablo Silva Productions in Spain/ Documentary Script & production for "Titanides" by the renowned photographer Maximo Parpagnoli/ Theatrical Network for Spain, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and USA. Stage productions: Indistantes Film by Sebastián Bauza & Miguel Kot / Madame Tango & Tango En Rose for Tashi Producciones / Record releases with renowned artists Cuino Scornik, Nicolás Landa, Carolina Peleritti, El perro de los Auténticos Decadentes, among others.

Dani Van Rod

He studied engineering and devoted himself to science for some years and then turned to his other passion which is writing, and published his first book Sal de Amores in 2019. In 2010 he directed and scripted a play called "Siempre Amor y Tango" at the Teatro Municipal Gregorio de Laferrere, Morón. Her experience with tango dates back some years, graduated from the Escuela de Danzas José Neglia, she has taught in milongas and in clubs in Pontevedra and San Justo, She worked dancing tango in typical restaurants in La Boca and San Telmo. With a continuous training in tango with referents of the different styles of the dance, his main interest is to teach this dance, the Argentine culture and tradition. She has also dabbled in painting and studies music and theater.



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