“Bailar para mi es una demostración de mis sentimientos, una disciplina de vida, una expresión de libertad y amor por mis raíces, mi país y mis convicciones».

My name is Cynthia Fattori, born in Argentina. Cynthia showed her talent since she was very young and started with folklore at the age of 6. I integrated the Ballet Brandsen as a professional dancer, but I never left my santiagueñas roots, for that I travel every summer to Santiago del Estero to train with the dancer Carlos Saavedra. At the same time I studied music at the Thibaud Piazzini Conservatory Conservatory from the age of 9 until I was 17 years old, concert guitar. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
Together with the Ballet Brandsen he had the possibility as a dominant figure in numerous performances both in Argentina (with Mercedes Sosa, Horacio Guaraní, Mariano Mores and for one of the last tributes to Osvaldo Pugliese at the Teatro Colón) and in other Latin American countries (Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay and Mexico).
As a soloist in the Chacarera Festival in Santiago del Estero invited by the dancer Juan Saavedra (dancer and choreographer of numerous shows, including Le Cirque du Soleil), with whom she participated in performances at the Chacarera Festival in the province of Santiago del Estero.

At the age of 16 I started with tango and studied with the most renowned dancers and milongueros of the time. She complemented her folkloric training by learning tango with
con destacados profesores e intérpretes como Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Rosa, Vannina Vilouzs, Gustavo Naveira, Graciela González, Chicho y Lucía, y Tete. Su técnica ahora combina una mezcla de estilo tradicional «milonguero» con pasos y figuras modernas, preservando conservando los aspectos fundamentales del tango en cuanto a técnica (como el abrazo, el equilibrio y la fusión integrada de la pareja) y musicalidad (ritmos de diferentes orquestas e interpretación de instrumentos). Dictó varios seminarios en Buenos Aires en el Club Almagro, Galería del Tango y Torcuato Tasso. La Viruta.

From 2001 to 2004 he was based in New York, where he regularly gave folklore and tango workshops, and also traveled to other cities in the United States and Canada.
During this time he has performed with different professional dancers such as Diego di Falco, Junior Cervila, Roberto Reis, Pablo Veron, Omar Vega, El Tete, Pablo Pugliese...

I have been dancing and teaching tango for more than 20 years. In my classes I like to combine technique with different pedagogical and sensorial tools, to achieve a genuine and de-stereotyped expression, with the aim of achieving freedom of movement and full emotional surrender; facilitating perception, sensation and interpretation from a personal and self-knowledge point of view. I look for my students to affirm themselves in music and their own connection, and thanks to it, to discover their own dance and artistic independence.

Then a few years ago, in this continuous search as an artist and teacher, added to the desire to continue learning to better provide my knowledge to students, I began to study other artistic disciplines: theater, fabrics, percussion, boleadoras. Thanks to all my training, I was able to create my own shows.

During the last seven years CYTNHIA FATTORI & ERNESTO TERRI have extensively performed and taught Tango, Circus and Folklore in Europe and America. They have created and directed two shows with Bien de Rioba Producciones:

– «AMADOR» (Tango Circo Folklore) presentado en Argentina , teatro 25 de mayo y en la casa , en Europa , en Bruselas y en Italia, Rosso art tango festival .
– «MUDANÇAS» (Tango Música y acrobacia) presentado en el festival de tardes.
– «BUENOS BAILES» (AUDI) Tango urbano acrobático presentado en Alemania
– «BUENOS BAILES» (WOLSWAGEN) presentado en Alemania .

- Cynthia Fattori during the pandemic by the need to express created a work entitled "SENTIRES" from home expressing feelings through culture .. presented in Vancouver .. and in other cities around the world.


In co-direction, as choreographer and other areas of the staging of works such as Amador, a show also performed in my house and that we were fortunate to be able to offer it in different cities around the world in different festivals.

Then in 2011 I made "MUDANZAS" presented at the Festival von Tarbes, France.

In 2014 and 2015 "BUENOS BAILES" (Musical mit Tango und Zirkus) Audi Forum 2014, Deutschland und Autostadt 2015, here we performed shows on 10 different stages simultaneously with different themes related to tango.

I also worked in conjunction with other companies such as Urbanatic, The Seven Fingers and the Vietnamese company

In addition, over the years I have performed shows in theaters, variety shows, etc. in Europe as "Circuito bufón", "Quilombo" show.


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